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Activity Recall in a Visual Cortical Ensemble

Review of: Xu, S., Jiang, W., Poo, M.-M., & Dan, Y. (2012). Activity recall in a visual cortical ensemble. Nature Neuroscience, 15(3), 449–455. doi:10.1038/nn.3036 Associational memory, as its name implies, is a type of memory that allows one to fuse multiple events in memory. If your boss constantly yells at you in his office, you might begin to form some… Read more →

Bat and Bird Songs for Systems Neuroscience

This week’s Science features an article about the songs of bats – not the ultrasonic echolocating calls most often associated with these wonderful creatures but complex vocalizations that bats use socially. The most well-studied “songsters,” as the author, Virginia Morell, calls them, are songbirds. In species like canaries, zebra finches and starlings, the male sings a courtship song that he… Read more →

Coordination Between Motor and Sensory Systems

One interesting problem in systems neuroscience is how the nervous system’s motor output interacts with its sensory systems. Sensory inputs that result from motor commands must be either filtered out or used to guide future motor actions. In other words, the organism must distinguish between sensory inputs that are self-generated and those from the outside world. In the juvenile songbird,… Read more →

Milk Does Not Cause Autism

The radical organization whose supposed mission is to protect animal welfare now says that cow milk not only worsens autistic symptoms but can actually cause autism too. PETA’s campaign to stop people from using animal products latched on to obscure studies of dietary influences on autistic symptoms. A PETA blog post refers to two studies that found a link between… Read more →